Instantly send SMS messages such as transactional alerts, critical notifications, & promotional campaigns globally.

Our BULK SMS Service delivers text messages directly to mobile subscriber’s handsets. By using Bulk SMS Service, customers get the best possible quality SMS on the market and have the peace of mind that every SMS sent will be delivered in a secure manner and at the right time.

SMS Gateway is a robust and highly scalable service platform developed using industry standard smtpprotocol while retaining the immediacy and simplicity of the mobile short messaging services SMS it provides business with a high quality interface to send and receive SMS messages with multilingual( English and Arabic ) text. SMS Gateway can be easily integrated through different api ( application programming interface ) into the enterprises back-end infrastructure smart sms gateway enables the ideal communictaion channel to stay connected with your customers clients or mobile as well as creating a real time network of relevant information


  • Supports personalized messages without any development.
  • AED 500 Only Installation Charges. (Sender ID, Brand Name/Company name).
  • Arabic support and supports long characters , schedule delivery of messages.
  • Instant online reports with plenty of search options.
  • API to integrate with own application.
  • Dedicated through put.
  • Automated option to block Marketing SMS without affecting alert SMS.

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